About Us



"Bringing the world of Moisture-Control to center stage"
“Driving passions in the work of Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) to perform globally"
A healthy world paves the way to a wealthy and wise human race. Our voyage into the brave new world of Moisture-Control & HVAC began with this dream as we navigated through every frontier, which over time, became potential possibilities that were envisaged in a capsule of determination.

And it is these path breaking possibilities that gave a start-up of our new journey of Moisture-Control Techniques with quality-oriented management and its field staff, whose unwavering and relentless commitment to provide best of Dehumidification systems for the Indian Industry and extending its wings globally.

And today, at the onset of a global Moisture-Controls & HVAC revolution, TechADP Industries Pvt. Ltd., equipped with an experience spanning across last few years, has emerged as a global force to reckon with. Steering ahead in leaps and bounds with a dedicated team of professionally qualified employees having rich knowledge of Food & Pharmaceutical products. It is the innovative work-environment makes our technical team to perform delivering the best in Dehumidification-Industries. Continuous success of our products since last eight years is the result of our approach to understand the basic of Product & Process requirement.

With a moving forward journey of our ADP (Apparatus Dew Point) Improving Process we now added with many options of Technology making it as TechADP .

Our Expertise of ADP to TechADP

  • We understand the need of moisture control at the critical stage/s of the process.
  • Appropriate integration of the Dehumidification system with the Process / Critical Equipments / Systems is per back-up engineering of rich experienced in dehumidification since 8 Years.
  • Moisture control is the result of accurate design of the Dehumidification system and we owns the Pharmaceutical Engineering Expertise of the same.
  • Talented & experienced management solutions for IT
  • Pen-down us your moisture gain to release the threat of losing shelf-life and your formulation pain.